A new government scheme has been launched in London, headed by London Mayor Boris Johnson, along with Chancellor George Osborne, where they will be spending £10 billion on improving London’s transport infrastructure. The initiative is just one part of a large plan to help London stay ahead of other world capitals, such as New York, in future years. London’s population is expected to be over 10 million by 2030, and this is just one of many economic plans in place to ensure that there are enough jobs and transport facilities for the ever-growing population.

George Osborne and Boris Johnson spent the night with workers performing some of the upgrades to the rail tracks, raising awareness of what they were trying to achieve. More 24 hour services are to be expected, with the first round of overnight Tube services due to begin in September, on the Northern, Jubilee, Central, Victoria and Piccadilly lines. These 24 hour plans are also going to be extended to the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and the London Overground Network.

In addition to the overnight services, the scheme also includes plans to introduce quality wi-fi access on the tube. Currently, most lines are underground, without wi-fi or mobile phone signal. Other improvements will be better roads, as well as more cycle and bus lanes.

However, this move has not been responded to in a positive way by everyone. The leader of the rail union has expressed concern that late night services would mean dealing with an increase of drunken behaviour, as well as staffing issues, which have not yet been sorted out.