On Wednesday, Apple experienced an outage that lasted for 12 hours, taking services such as iCloud, the iTunes store and iTunes Connect offline. This ended up costing the company an estimated £16 million in lost revenue. During this time, Apple users were unable to download apps, books and music, on all Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPad.

Users that tried to access any of these services were greeted with an error message, or a message telling them that the service was temporarily unavailable. Apple warned users about this issue on Wednesday on its Service Status page. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Apple makes an average of AUD$65 million each day from its various services, as well as from app and music sales.

£16 Million of Sales Missed After iTunes and iCloud OutageDevelopers were also affected by the outage, as it meant that they were unable to use iTunes Connect, which contains the suite of online tools for managing and submitting apps, for both the App Store as well as the Mac App Store.

Apple did not reveal any details regarding the reason for the outage, but a spokesperson for the company has recently confirmed that the issues were due to an internal DNS error. They apologised to their customers and also thanked them for their patience.

The outage that Apple suffered from is similar to one that was recently experienced by Google, who suffered a cloud outage which was due to a dodgy patch.