Australia, also referred as Matildas, lost the football match against England 3-0 on Friday in the Cyprus Cup, an invitational international football tournament. However, what made the news were the allegations of sexist remarks by the British military personnel on women members of the Australian team during the friendly football match in Cyprus.

The Football Federation Australia has confirmed the “inappropriate comments” directed against players and match officials made by the members of the U.K military, but expressed unwillingness to pursue for disciplinary actions. It added that the association felt the incident adequately dealt with on tendering of apology after the match. The apology tendered by a senior military officer just at the end of the match ended the controversy, it added.

2015 Cyprus Cup- Matildas lost 3-0 to England- Marred by Reports of Sexist CommentsHowever, FFA added that it condemned the anti-social behavior and sexist comments hurled on the women team members and officials of the England football team, and reiterated its commitment of zero tolerance towards such behavior. The FFA’s National Code of Conduct also deprecated and did not tolerate inappropriate behavior against women team members, players and officials. It added that its decision of not pursuing the matter should not indicate any leniency towards the offenders, and that it condemned the behavior of the British personnel in strongest possible terms.

The matter has hogged much lime light and media coverage in Britain. The Football Association authorities and also the Ministry of Defense have ordered inquiries into the incident. The British authorities have taken the matter seriously.

Thus, the football match has got highlighted not for its one-sided result, but for some wrong reasons.