Sepp Blatter, FIFA President, has categorically stated that the 2022 World Cup football final match could not be played later than 18th December. During the earlier week, UEFA expressed its desire to organize the 2022 tournament between 26th November and 23rd December which is likely to create impediments in the competitions including the Premier League of most of the football playing nations. However, Blatter is against the finishing of this tournament so close to Christmas. The tournament is slated to be held in Kuwait.

2022 World Cup Final in Qatar Must End by December 18- Sepp BlatterBlatter, who is in the Northern Ireland to attend the meeting of the International Football Association Board,  emphasized while talking to reporters that the tournament would not go up to the 23rd, and that he was absolutely resolute to finish it by 18th. Blatter added that he would table a proposal to that effect to the executive committee of the FIFA in next month’s meeting. The likely hood of a winter World Cup makes the rescheduling of European league matches all the more difficult, he further added. The Premier League clubs are not happy with the idea of Blatter about the organization of the tournament. Blatter admits unhappiness of clubs, and hopes there is room for a compromise. However, he ruled out any compensation to clubs.

Blatter seemed hopeful of a solution when he said that there were almost seven years to prepare for the World Cup which had generated so much of heat and dust so early. He lastly added where is goodwill; there is the solution, and hoped, everyone felt fine ultimately.