Blatter, FIFA president is against the World cup tournament to finish near to charismas as it is planned to take place from November 26 to December 23. This will interfere with most competition including premier league.

Blatter claims that world cup should end by December 18 and he would present the proposal to FIFA executive committee next month in their meeting.

2022 World cup in Qatar must be played not later than December 18 Insist Sepp BlattervEuropean leagues could be badly affected by the games,  premier league are not happy about the Qatar world cup , Blatter though says the winter World cup looks inevitable but there is room for the leagues to compromise.

Batter though showed believe that there will be solution for the problem since there are seven years still left for the preparations. He said that this is football, despite the fact that the European clubs would not be happy, but they should be in solidarity.