The police have revealed that hundreds of sex offenders, 396 to be exact, are currently missing across the country. These sex offenders are wanted by the police as their current location is unknown. Some of these offenders have been missing for up to ten years.

Rapists, paedophiles and any other types of sex offenders are required by law to notify the police, as well as their probation officers, when they move house and change their address. They are also supposed to be monitored by officials. However, 39 police forces have now admitted that they do not know of the whereabouts of some of their sex offenders.

396 Sex Offenders Missing in UKNot one of the 39 forces revealed the names of the missing offenders, as they were concerned about vigilante attacks. The UK’s largest police force, the Metropolitan Police, have stated that 167 sex offenders are wanted in London. However, a spokesperson for Scotland Yard believes that many of these offenders would have moved back to their home country or are now living abroad.

The NSPCC is extremely alarmed by the huge numbers of missing offenders, and carried out research that confirmed that there is currently only one police officer responsible for every 50 offenders. Jon Brown, who works for the NSPCC, has stated that at least half of the registered sex offenders have committed rape or sexual assault on children, but only receive one visit a year from a police officer once they have been released. Charities across the UK are outraged by these figures, and are urging the government to do more to monitor registered sex offenders.