Ten carries for Adrian Peterson = subpar performance? For a back of his caliber, even if his best days are behind him, he can’t be judged on ten carries.

49ers should be embarrassed about how bad those black uniforms looked with the bright gold helmet.

AP hasn’t rushed for 100 yds in the season opener since 09. And he always plays poor against the Niners.

It’s only one game and he hadn’t played in a year. Just give him a few more reps and he’s gonna be back to the AP that we all remember…

Before Monday night, it had been 53 weeks since Adrian Peterson last played in an NFL game. And yet most people (read: us) expected Peterson to sashay onto the field and pick up where he left off, treading would-be tacklers and making life immeasurably easier for the rest of the Vikings offense.

Didn’t happen against the 49ers, and it wasn’t even close. Peterson didn’t touch the ball on the Vikings’ first possession, and by the time it was over, he had just 10 carries for 31 yards.

“It felt good to get out there, play some football, take some hits,” Peterson said, via ESPN.com. “But [it was] definitely embarrassing to perform the way we did.”

Minnesota’s offense mustered just 3 points in the loss to San Francisco.

Meanwhile, be prepared to hear that Peterson, now 30 (which is about 72 in running back years) has lost it. And maybe that’s true, though one subpar performance in a season opener probably isn’t the best gauge.
Adrian Peterson ‘embarrassed’ by Vikings’ showing in loss to 49ers – CBSSports.com.