David Cameron has announced that the Tory government are planning to open up hundreds of schools across the country by the year 2020. Their plan is to open up at least 500 of these schools, which will be free for students to attend. These new institutions will be set up and run by community groups, such as parents, teachers and charities. If the plan is successful and all the schools are up and running by 2020, it will create an extra 270,000 places in schools for children, something that is desperately needed by many families.

David Cameron spoke out about his plans in a speech that he gave in London. He made it known that his was the only political party that was strongly committed to developing England’s education system, and if he was voted to remain as prime minister, he would continue to work on opening up the education system so that more children can benefit from it.

Already, two thirds of the schools have been rated as being good or outstanding, showing the success that the plan has had so far. There is an increasing demand from parents, charities and teachers to set up these schools, proving that the programme is working so far.

It has also been suggested in a report by the centre-right think tank Policy Exchange that the free local schools enhance the competitive environment in academics, resulting in an improvement in standards in all schools in that area. 90% of all the new schools that have been approved are located in areas that currently lack provisions when it comes to education.