class=” wp-image-2477 alignleft” src=”” alt=”8 Arrested in India After Gang-Raping Elderly Nun” width=”382″ height=”215″ />8 men have been detained by the police in Ranaghat Town, West Bengal, India, in suspicion of gang-raping an elderly nun at a convent school when she tried to stop a burglary from occurring. The attack took place during the early hours of Saturday morning, when 8 armed robbers stormed the building and tied up the security guard, holding a pistol to his head. They then forced their way into the building, trying to steal as much cash and valuables as possible. However, when a senior sister tried to intervene, they sexually assaulted her.

The 71 year old nun has already been into surgery after the attack. Although the attackers tried to destroy a CCTV camera after tying up the security guard, they failed, and their faces were caught on CCTV, leading to their arrest. The chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, has confirmed that a CID investigation has been opened after the attack, whilst one of her ministers blamed the attack on the religious intolerance that the region experiences.

Sources have claimed that the school asked the police for protection about two weeks before the attack, but the police did not respond to them. Despite the fact that the nearest police post was just 100 metres from the scene of the attack, school officials have confirmed that no police officers came by to check on the school during the hour that the robbers were raiding the building and sexually assaulting the nun.