Eating in a healthy and, above all, intelligent way is a daily challenge for many of us. It was also one of my biggest hurdles to understand the body better and to adapt the diet to my living conditions. Some time ago I started an experiment and has almost completely replaced animal with vegetable. I also adapted the meals to my daily routine. But I do not want to turn this article into a vegetarian or vegan, but rather write about “conscious food”.

Check your eating habits – for believing is not enough

We are sure to know what is good and healthy for us. The basis for this knowledge is usually passed on through generations, educated, or culturally conditioned. But living conditions and food are constantly changing, but what about our eating habits?

Sure, for some people it is easier than for others to adapt their old habits, yet in each of us is this ancient, inefficient, caloric-looking feeding machine. Some people are able to keep this feeding machine in check, even to the extent that it has completely disappeared. These people are usually more concerned about their diet and their effects. The good news is, you too can count to these people. You just have to start eating more consciously and be aware that you are harming yourself if you do not worry about the food.

9 effective steps that help you to eat more consciously and make you happier

Be aware of the hunger feeling and thus the malfunctions in your diet

Many people eat unconsciously. Quasi on autopilot. They “eat” what they do not need physically. Every day. And then they wonder why they are fat. Feel unhealthy. They eat artificially processed fast food, which is often made from waste products of the meat industry and drink too much coke, sprite or iced tea. Nutrition in the workplace is also important. Stress is often used to create unhealthy alternatives.

And then many people simply eat socially. They eat because it is expected. Because the food is just there, or because it is free or simply eaten (you do not want to waste anything).

People also eat emotionally. Reactive. They reward themselves with food. Even their children are rewarded with food or bribed. Already often I’ve heard the sentence “if you do this or that, we’ll go to Mc Donalds”. Well, that’s what I call a great education! Some parents make it really easy. Do you have nothing better to offer for your loved one?

People eat to relieve the pain, to instantly feel the happiness (feeling when you are full) and to suppress boredom or negative feelings. And when you are done with it, everything starts again from the beginning.

Ask yourself how you eat – “conscious or unconscious”?

Conscious eating means nothing but giving our bodies the nutrients they need for an optimal health energy and functional balance. No more and no less. The signal for conscious eating comes from the body, unconscious eating from the head.

Sounds easy right? At least in theory. If we were to live in theory, we would all be super perfect now surely some. But the most important thing we have to do in our eating situation is to ask the following question:

“Why do I eat it?”

If our answer is not “because I need it”, then we probably eat unconsciously. Irresponsible. Emotionally. But when we consciously eat, our bodies, emotions and consciousness are in harmony.

Do you notice your addiction behavior – food or just a drug?

For many people, their food has become a drug. Your medicine. A place of refuge. And I deliberately use the term drug, because food is really changing consciousness. It can excite me extremely or drag down. It can be addictive or even destructive. And as time goes on we need more and more to achieve the same degree of happiness.

Dodge the social pressure and learn where the over-eating comes from

Many of us have been educated in an environment in which society has simply been eaten without the body needs it. Often we were not even hungry but it was expected, that one eats, because one could look otherwise unfriendly or the host or cook annoyed. We eat because the situation demands and when we do not eat together, then we are criticized (eat your plate, here is left nothing left)

Know your habits, it is no wonder that we have problems

We were trained to celebrate with an excessive amount of food. Bizarre actually. It was, and still is, normal that you could be fooled on certain days or events. Christmas, birthday, Easter, weddings, ceremonies, club celebrations, New Year’s Eve, and much more are all typical events where people rake their bodies. It looks as if somebody who is “I’m full now” is forcing us to ignore the pants and just keep eating.

Change your eating patterns and say “No” to justified voracity

I am often surprised at how many people are personally attacked when they are addressed to these Christmas or birthday eaters, or trying to explain to them that it is not necessary to fill themselves with food to celebrate something. It is also possible to have a great day (yes even a better one) without having to fill ourselves with food, which our body does not need at all. For many people, it is almost an offense to suggest that you do not have any food to eat.

Conscious eating means being connected to our body. To take the time to think about our food and thus about our unique body, which is the basis for our life. I think many people often forget this when you see how easy they handle it.

Take control and make conscious thoughts about the food

Yes, every man can judge for himself what he is doing with himself. I also do not want to change anyone, that is, the people can do only themselves. But I see how the junk food, meat and fast food industry around the world and their advertising and marketing corporations are plummeting through the gullible consumers, flooding the society with false notifications about nutritional values, composition and origin, and many people simply do not worry about what they do And expose themselves to those who do not really want the best for the consumer, but only for themselves.

If I really want to “consciously eat” and have control over my health, I just have to think about food, because there is no way around. People would be helped if they had an idea what the delicious currywurst with mayonnaise and french fries in their bodies, where they come from and what is there in it at all before they bite.

Honor your body and create a unity of body and mind

Conscious eating is ultimately easy and comes by itself when you start to keep something from yourself and honor your body. Illnesses are already stifled in the bud, the skin cleans itself, the body is full of energy, one “will” suddenly be more active and one becomes, logically, automatically happier and healthier.

Once the optimal condition is reached and connected to its body, the circle closes. “Conscious food” happens then unconsciously and you give your body exactly what it needs. No more and no less.