Apple’s newly invented a remote kill switch that can disable any phone as soon as the smartphone has been stolen or missing anywhere. It’s really a dynamic application to implement because with the help of this, smartphone theft can be minimized. In a very recent report of Reuters, it has been found that smartphone theft has been reduced by an amount of 50 percent in London, 25 percent in New York, and about 40 percent in San Francisco. This decrease represents theft activity as determined within the 12 months’ time span after Apples’ intervention with remote locking feature in the last September 2013 and incorporated in iOS 7. And in the very recent version of iOS 8, the kill switch has been activated as default which will indeed aid in reducing smart phone theft in an increasing manner.

Activation Lock – Useful Technique by Apple to Reduce Smart Phone TheftThis activation lock needs a user authorization along with a fresh install via iCloud facilities, considering that a thief can’t go too far and just wipe the personal information in order to sell it in the market. Undoubtedly, Apple is one of the very first producers who have introduced this facility in smartphones as default application. In fact, in iOS 6 and upward versions, this application will be set as default considering iOS 8 to be pre-installed in every mobile set.

Smart phone thieving is one type of stealing opportunity business. Means how much worth value a thief will get instead of taking a particular amount of risk. Activation lock can’t automatically reduce smart phone stealing, but what it can do is to tilt the value proportion into a considerable amount and reduces reward thereby. Like selling iPhone parts is of less reward than selling a fully serviceable unit.