Ceasefire in Syria – Following the U.S – Russian deal, the series of fights in Syria have stopped. In the past four years, this agreement seems to be a real success only if it stands on the promised grounds. As per the agreement, all activates related to the fight should stop in order for the aid to reach all the civilians. So far there have been 9 violations since the agreement has been made. However, people are still hoping for the positive results. Saudi currently are supporting the opposition group and accusing Russia for conducting strikes and aims to complain to United Nations along with other peace loving countries.Agreement finally stopped fight in Syria, Ceasefire in SyriaRussian Foreign Ministry: Shaaban and Bogdanov discuss situation in Syria

Presidential Political and Media Adviser Bouthaina Shaaban and the Russian President’s Special Representative for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikhail Bogdanov discussed in Moscow the situation in Syria in light of the implementation of the Russian-US agreement on the cessation of hostilities in Syria.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that a detailed objective discussion took place during the meeting about the situation in Syria in the light of the implementation of the objectives of the Russian-US agreement about the cessation of hostilities in the Syrian Arab Republic on February 27th which was approved unanimously by the UN Security Council resolution No. 2268.

The statement added that Shaaban confirmed once again the commitment of the Syrian government to halting fighting acts in accordance with the joint statement between Russia and the United States as well as the willingness of the Syrian government to continue delivering humanitarian aid to all areas in Syria.

The two sides pointed out that the practical implementation of the agreements on the cessation of hostilities and continuing to fight the terrorist organizations will help to strengthen the political track to resolve the crisis in Syria in accordance with resolution No. 2254 by the UN Security Council and the international resolutions to support Syria.

The meeting was attended by Syria’s Ambassador to Moscow Riyad Haddad

On a relevant note, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US State Secretary John Kerry stressed the importance of Russian-US cooperation for resuming inter-Syrian dialogue in Geneva, and welcomed the commencement of the cessation of combat activity in Syria.

The Ministry said Lavrov and Kerry discussed in a phone call the prospects of resuming inter-Syrian dialogue in order to resolve the crisis in Syria with the help of the International Syria Support Group (ISSG).

The statement also said the two sides discussed details regarding the full implementation of the cessation of combat activity in Syria, including military coordination between Russia and the US in this regard.

There has been a dramatic decrease in airstrikes around Syria’s rebel-held territory since a truce negotiated between Syrian rebels and the government went into effect.

But on the ground, where CNN has had rare access over the past week, few are celebrating, with many residents suspecting a trick, and some claiming the ceasefire is a “betrayal” of those who have given their lives in the uprising.

Syria’s cessation of hostilities explained

CNN senior international correspondent Clarissa Ward traveled to rebel-held territory around Aleppo days ahead of the ceasefire to witness the impact it had once it was implemented Friday.

She is virtually the only Western journalist to have gone to the area — heavily bombarded in recent months by Russian airstrikes in support of pro-regime forces — in more than a year.

The “cessation of hostilities” between a handful of rebel groups and the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad began Friday, excluding terrorist groups such as ISIS and al Nusra Front.

Syria ceasefire