Aldi Nord has already touted the simply-equipped Samsung Galaxy J1 for just under 90 euros in his current brochure for Thursday, the 16 July 2015. Get the Android Smartphone without SIM-lock and without a contract, the bundled Aldi talk starter set with 10 euro starting credit is not mandatory. Worth the wait? Slamming better already now somewhere else? Or should keep their hands off the cell phone and access to our alternative? We provide the answers.

Samsung Galaxy J1: Simply an Android Smartphone
With the Samsung Galaxy J1, you get a compact smartphone, whose screen-diagonale on 4.3 Customs (10,92 cm) is limited. The screen not too big enough yet for a fairly clear representation of menus and Web pages. The resolution of 480 x 800 pixels is passable for the display format. Samsung has atop its versatile user interface to the operating system Android 4.4. The dual-core processor should provide enough pace of work. The mobile phone at a solid pace about the standards Web trips masters Wi-Fi n and HSPA/UMTS.

A 5-megapixel camera with HD camcorders and photo light is in the rear of the Galaxy J1. The 2-megapixel front-facing camera promises to put Selfies big in the picture. To save the recording, you must however promptly purchase to a microSD card . Just two GBytes are freely available from the four GB small mobile storage according to the manufacturer. Internal memory sizes that are common to Smartphone of this price class.

Samsung might be most well-known for its flagship Galaxy S line but you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds to get a smartphone from the South Korean company.

In fact it’s just launched a new handset dubbed the Samsung Galaxy J1, which at around £80 SIM-free is about as cheap as a smartphone gets.

But can you really get much for under £100 or are you better off spending a little more? Read on to find out.