At the heart of “Alpha” is a group of people with unusual mental and physical capabilities (including Warren Christie and Laura Mennell), under the guidance of the eminent neurologist and psychiatrist Dr. Lee Rosen (David Strathairn) for the Department of Defense criminal cases solve in the other Alphas are entangled. During them often with skepticism is met, get there soon with a ruthless terrorist organization to they do that uses peers to serious crimes to commit.

“Alpha” has a rather turbulent production history behind it, also not too positive ended. Already in the year 2006 by Michael Karnow and the “X-men: the last stand” writer Zak Penn invented, had the two problems, to find a station where her TV project could implement into action. In the meantime, ABC took while on the series and was a six-part series in order, but the writers strike in 2007 ultimately made a spanner in the plan, so that’s finally completely again dropped the channel. Some time later the cable channel SyFy hit however, got the chance to fill a gap that was created after the deposition of the NBC-Super Hero series “heroes”.


But ultimately the plan did not. Due to the lack of spectator interest, the “Alphas” were sent again after only two seasons with a total of 24 episodes in early retirement. Because that was only announced after the finale of the second season, the end of the series with a Cliffhanger remained unfortunately open. Who would like to take a look at the superhuman crime fighter in this country nevertheless, now has opportunity to Maxx today 13 July 2015 at ProSieben. The transmitter shows Mondays from 20:15, two episodes of the series for the first time in the German free-TV. An episode of “lost” master Director Jack Bender directed is the prelude.