Europe had to wait on the new Ford Mondeo. In the United States for some time on the market, the middle class now also on the old continent in the latest generation has taken root. Review: called the traditional tournament combined with 150 HP diesel.


Ford in General and the Mondeo in particular have made a remarkable transformation in the last ten years. From the ugly duckling to beautiful swan, that sounds maybe a little too drastically, but from the staid gray mouse to the self-confident vehicle that well is also James Bond. At least if the super agent on behalf of her Majesty times going into the Office.


Several things in the eye fall into the Interior of the lush sized Mondeo (4.90 meters in length). Firstly the tidy center console that combines many features in a timely manner on a large touch screen.

Also James Bond like the Ford MondeoAccording to a few keys therefore see this screen. However the designer apparently not quite knew what to do with the vacant area–it looks a little trost – and unimaginative below the touch screen. And the steering wheel and turn signal and windshield wiper lever are covered with all kinds of functions. This requires a little getting used, but generally coherent and logically arranged.
The seats offer an excellent lateral support, which offers with 525-1630 litres volume a usual class size, insufficient trunk but to the over-mighty competitor, the VW Passat, used. For this are passengers front as rear very comfortable, sitting with plenty of knee -, arm – and headroom. And on request, travelling on the two rear outer seats especially sure: for 300 Euro fee bought Ford here in the straps integrated airbags – a wise investment.


The 150 HP diesel engine is not entirely free of vibration and hum, beats but the bottom line right wacker. With 320 nm torque is sufficient power at his disposal, but also needs the motor with a tare of nearly 1.6 tons. Compared to its predecessor the fleet-footed spirited way a little in the background has begun — cumbersome the Mondeo does not combined but still.
Ensures the perfect combination of steering and suspension, in which also the new Mondeo unattainable high sets the bar for the middle-class competition alone. The interactive suspension with electronic damping control, the part of the 2000 euro comfort package (including with cruise control, blind spot assist, or electrically adjustable driver’s seat), ensures that in fractions of a second will respond to changes in the road surface and nearly all harshness of the bad German road system of the Mondeo passengers be kept away. Durcheilte through fast curves wrest only a weary smile to the Mondeo – be switched but diligently want the slightly stiff tuned six-speed transmission has a viable alternative in the 2000 euro expensive dual-clutch transmission.

Be amazed

The highest is in equipment titanium standard aboard the lane. Which keeps the Ford sovereign on course, draws back as a strong, invisible magnet the vehicle in the right lane. No beeping or flashing. Also James Bond like that.


Speaking of beeping and flashing: the adaptive cruise control – either part of the convenience package or for 980 euros sold separately – includes also a collision warning system. And that spread like bustle of events through Flash red flashes in the windshield and a haunting tone, if not even Super agents suspect a danger.


33950 euro for the 150-Horsepower diesel in titanium are OK, however the option list can be abundant air according to above: the price of the test car totaled 43495 euros.