Deeper division is being experienced in America over a dress.

Friends responded in two ways to a post by Swiked, the response was either ridiculously awesome or ridiculous. The better half of Thursday in the internet was consumed by argument that arose between team black and blue and team white and gold.

The disagreement was wide open and the war latter moved to twitter from Tumblr by Buzzfeed post. The post had already been viewed by 20million before out of the 1.7million votes generated, gold and white achieved 1.2million votes.

The heated debate was joined by politician and Celebrities. Later on Swiked confirmed that the dress in fact was blue and black with experts all over having explanations.

The basis of how people were quickly roped into the argument cannot be even explained scientifically. Hence it is advisable that if you have not chosen your side it would be wise you do it keenly and wisely. Look and decide yourself.

The American Favourite Argument is the White and Gold Dress Debate