In a recent research, a group of American kids has been given foreign breakfasts to taste. They were given traditional food types from Brazil, Finland, Korea, Poland and the Netherlands. But very surprisingly, they didn’t like them at all. So it’s quite interesting that those kids would want to go back to their sugary morning cereal after tasting so many different breakfasts.

The research has been conducted by Cut Video and Kitchenbowl and recorded the reactions of the kids in a video. One of the little boys mentioned after having the Korean dish that he had found some dead fish in the dish. He is not comfortable at all both with the smell and the taste of the meal. It seemed too awkward to him. Another boy complained while having a drink from Brazil, “I think it is quite awkward that kids used to drink coffee in Brazil.” Since the cup of Joe holds a really strong flavor and taste, so he commented so.

American Kids Disliked Foreign Breakfasts

On the other hand, mixed experience came up while tasting the meal from Finland. One of the girls mentioned of a meal having bread topped with raw salmon, “I know I can’t have this meal, because it has raw salmon. And I can’t help myself hating salmon.” But one of the boys said something positive regarding one of the meals of Finland. He claimed that the bread is too soft that it could be used as his pillow.

More surprisingly the one meal that has received the worst feedback was the kimchi from Korea. Creative Director of Cut Video, Mike Gaston, added, “That was way too rich in spices and none of the kids can withstand such amount of spice.” After published in youtube, the video of the experiment has been viewed by almost 400,000 viewers within 24 hours.