Eddie Ray Routh 27, a former marine was found guilty of shooting dead former Navy Seal Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield on Tuesday 2 February 2013.

The convict delivered for Routh lasted for less than two hours in Erath, Texas Jury. The defence team of Routh claimed they will appeal for the convictions.

Judy, the mother to Littlefield said to the reporters that she had longed for justice to prevail on his son’s murder. Taya, widow to Kyle had moved out of the courtroom and was not in during the verdict.

Family members and attorney claimed that Routh was affected with psychotic episodes which results from post-traumatic stress disorders. Which were heavily denied by the prosecutor who claimed Routh acted under influence of Marijuana and Alcohol.

The American Sniper Trial Proves Former Marine guilty of MurderKyle was seen has hero after he made 300 kills when he was sniper for SEAL Team 3.

Routh’s attorneys pointed out that they needed only a preponderance of evidence for jurors to conclude Routh was insane at the time of the shootings and therefore not guilty, a standard of proof well below what would be required to convict him of capital murder.

But prosecutors also noted that Routh had apologized to Kyle’s family — evidence, they said, of a guilty mind.

“This defendant gunned down two men in cold blood, in the back, in our county. Find him guilty,” Erath County District Attorney Alan Nash said.

Kyle made more than 300 kills as a sniper for SEAL Team 3, according to his own count. After leaving the military, he volunteered with veterans facing mental health problems, often taking them shooting.