The catastrophic violence for the last one year has rendered over 50 million people homeless and refugee. The figure is the largest after the Second World War. These haveAmnesty calls on UN Security Council Permanent Members to Relinquish Power to Veto been mentioned in the annual report of the Amnesty International, and it points an accusing finger towards the United Nations. The UN has its origin in the World War II which had brought huge misery to the humans worldwide, and was formed to quell and contain violence all over the world. The report blames the UN for the widespread violence worldwide, and hence, it calls for the five permanent members of the Security Council to relinquish their power to veto voluntarily.

Salil Shetty, the General Secretary of Amnesty International, said that the Security Council of the United Nations was formed to protect people from violence, and establish peace and security in the world. He added that the UN Security Council had miserably failed to contain violence in the world, and one of the instruments through which this failure has been ensured is the use of veto by its five permanent members so often. He further added that keeping national interests paramount is the root cause of the use of veto, and the failure to ensure peace in the world.

The report mentions among others, the Ukrainian conflict between Russia-backed rebels and the government forces, and holds both warring groups responsible for the indiscriminate use of force leading to huge loss of man and material. Amnesty International wants western nations to be more pro-active to save human lives, provide more humanitarian aids, and to help on a large scale to rehabilitate displaced people. The report terms international efforts in the Middle East refugee crises as dismal or “abhorrent.” Amnesty conducted studies in 160 countries, and found the existence of such terrorist groups as Boko Haram, Islamic State, al-Shabab, etc operating in at least 35 of the countries.