class=” wp-image-2428 alignleft” src=”” alt=”Apple CEO Confirms Some Apple Watch Features” width=”361″ height=”213″ />Although uncountable rumors came up about the possible characteristics of the long-awaited Apple Watch, it was Apple’s Spring Forward conference that finally shed light on some of the wearable’s distinct features.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was the one to show the first Apple watch to the audience at Spring Forward, and began by emphasizing the role of the watch as a statement symbol. As Cook explains, the company designed the wearable for a wide audience, creating something for everyone’s taste.

The Apple wearable is a fully functioning watch, with impeccable time precision correct to 15 milliseconds. In addition, the Watch offers an option called Glances. Knowing that the main function of any watch is to glance at it for time, the company expanded on this practice by creating a feature that will allow the user to ‘glance’ at any other information they wish, such as stocks or weather.

The Apple Watch can also be used as a phone. While there has to be an iPhone connected to the wearable, the user can make or accept a call without reaching for his phone. The Watch can also connect to other Watches, which enables two Watch users to share all kinds of information, and interact in unorthodox ways such as sharing their heartbeat.

Finally, one of the probably most shocking news given at Spring Forward were the prices. While regular Watches will be starting at $349, the limited edition watches called Watch Edition will be coming at prices even greater than $10,000. The $10,000 model comes in a 18-Karat Rose Gold encasing.