Apple is active against cybercriminals, which appear with fake apps in the App Store. In October alone, Apple removed over 47,000 apps from its own App Store.

Apple throws outdated apps from the store

Apple’s nose is full of clutter and outdated apps on the App Store. Therefore, the company announced in September to remove a large number of apps from the store – in the doubt also against the will of the developers. This threat has now been implemented by Apple: As the analysis company Sensor Tower determined, in October 47,300 apps from the App Store disappeared.

In fact, apps have already disappeared regularly from the store – this year, however, the average was always around 14,000 per month.

47,000 apps disappear – and no one is aware of anything

Apple fights Cyber crime Thousands of Fake Apps Fly Out of the Store 2


The fact that the cleansing action has hitherto been noticeable to virtually no one, is no surprise. The vast majority of Apps on the App Store is an immortal existence, practically never downloaded and even more rarely updated.

There are no known names among the remote apps. In many cases, it is likely to be copies of other apps that no one will miss. According to Sensor Tower, 28 percent of the deleted applications are games, followed by apps from the categories Entertainment, Books. Now Momox Used to Make Money !, Education and Lifestyle.

However, in the case of the elimination carried out in October, this is probably only the first step. Earlier studies show that approximately half of all apps in the App Store have not been updated since May 2015, a quarter since November 2013 no longer. Overall, the hundreds of thousands of apps that Apple could potentially classify as “set” and delete according to its own policies.

Apple fights Cyber crime Thousands of Fake Apps Fly Out of the Store