Apple has reached the top of the market capitalization level of over than $700 billion. It is the biggest closing value among US companies so far. Now its shares are estimated for around $122 per unit. As experts says, the company is obliged to the recent boom sales in China and is remaining in the hope that the swift growth will proceed. Next bounce is expected to be close to April as the company launches Apple watch, a widely advertised device that is able not display date and time only but also send and receive messages, track user’s fitness progress and so forth.

Apple Hits a Record HighApple’s evaluation significantly outperforms Exxon mobil, the world’s second largest company by market capitalization. Exxon’s current market cap is around $382B and it is half as much as Apple’s.

The company management team and its chief executive Tim Cook in particular are very optimistic about Apple’s future.

Mr. Cook said that they“… don’t believe in such laws as laws of large numbers. This is sort of an old dogma that was cooked up by somebody.”

“Steve [Jobs] did a lot of things for us over many years but one of the things he ingrained in us is that putting limits on your thinking is never good.”

Apple is believed to trade at $130 or even higher by the end of this year. Previously, the company has reported about record profits of $18 billion for the quarter, which ended at the end of December 2014. The company managed to sell about 74.5 million iPhone over three months.