The iPhone 6 Plus suffers from an error. It may happen that touch inputs on the display are not accepted by the operating system. This problem is commonly referred to as “touch disease”.

Apple offers affected owners of an iPhone 6 Plus a repair of this problem at a reduced price. As a rule, the removal of a “display damage plus further damage” with the iPhone costs a flat rate of 361.10 euros. For the repair of the “Touch Disease”, however, Apple only requires a “service fee” of 167.10 euros.

IPhone-6-Plus owners are struggling with the disease for some time. The problem obviously lies with the controller chips of the touch screen. These may lose contact with the Logic Board of the unit. Some suggest that the cause of the problem is related to “Bendgate”. The case of the iPhone 6 Plus can easily bend even during normal use, which means that the chips can lose contact with the Logic Board.

However, according to a support document, Apple has identified another cause. “Apple has found that some iPhone-6-Plus devices have a flickering display or multi-touch problems after they hit a hard surface several times and then were strained. If your iPhone 6 Plus has the symptoms described above, is functional, and if its display is neither cracked nor broken, Apple will repair your device for a service fee of € 167.10. ”

Apple Launches Repair Program for Touch Disease Does iPhone 6 Plus

The repair can be expensive depending on the cause

The 167.10 Euro is equivalent to the amount Apple requires outside the guarantee for the exchange of the display of an iPhone 6 Plus or 6S Plus. 361.10 Euro are due if other components are damaged besides the display. As part of the repair program, Apple will only accept these additional costs. The new touchscreen must continue to pay the affected person himself.

The repair program is valid worldwide and for iPhone-6-Plus devices five years after the first retail sale. Customers who have already repaired their Apple smartphone at their own expense can request a refund of the costs. Apple, however, replaces only the difference to the service fee of 167.10 euros.

How many devices are actually affected is not known. IFixit, who can also carry out the necessary repairs, spoke in August of an “immense” of iPhone 6 Plus, in which the error occurs.

In the US, several law firms have filed lawsuits against Apple. They want to make sure that Apple repairs or replaces the devices for free. One of the four law firms in October spoke of nearly 10,000 people who wanted to join the lawsuit.

The iPadRehab workshop already pointed out in August in a blog entry and also in a video on the problem. In the successor iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, Apple had the vulnerable controller chips from the Logicboard shifted into the housing construction in order to better protect them from the bending forces. However, whether this has been done specifically in response to touch disease or for other reasons is not known.