According to information from the South Korean newspaper DigiTimes, Apple ordered to reduce the shipment of components necessary to manufacture the iPhone X, which will start pre-sales on October 27 to reach stores on November 3.

According to sources consulted by the newspaper, Apple would wait to see the performance of its anniversary cell phone before accelerating its production.

Apple would have limited production of iPhone X

Last year Apple used a similar strategy, the paper said. And is that during the launch of the iPhone 7, limited the shipment of components to 60%; the rest started two months later.

But despite the aforementioned reduction in shipment of components, the paper notes that some of the suppliers face difficulties in achieving production required by the California company. Ming-Chi Kuo, the renowned analyst at KGI Securities, anticipates that it will produce about 5 million X iPhones during its first quarter of sales.

This smartphone, with which Apple celebrates the tenth anniversary of its revolutionary phone, stands out for its new 5.8-inch borderless design screen and a new front camera with face detection technology. Its entrance price is one thousand dollars.