There are very many Smartphonemakers, but only two write black numbers: Apple pockets almost the entire industry profit.

Apple has reached 92 percent of the operating profit of the whole Smartphone sector. It reported the Wall Street Journal , citing the Managing Director of the Investment Bank Canaccord Genuity Mike Walkley. The refer 65 percent of operating profit for the first quarter by 2015, in the same period of the previous year reached Apple.

Some 1,000 companies worldwide make smartphones, several hundred of the producers come from China, but only two make an operating profit according to the report at all. The South Korean Group of Samsung Electronics expects a profit decline for the second quarter for the seventh time in a row. The company can achieve 15 percent of the operating profit of the industry according to Canaccord genuity. Apparently miscalculated the paragraph in its current top smartphones Samsung had most recently . For each Galaxy S6 edge with curved display four Galaxy S6 should be sold, the production was prepared. However, the customer decided differently: both devices were almost equally in demand. This led to a large amount of unsold Galaxy S6, particularly in white color.

Apple Makes 92 Percent Of The Profit Of The Smartphone Industry

Many produce, but only two make profit

All other manufacturers can use Smartphones to generate any profit, they reach only the break-even point or write losses. Therefore, Apple and Samsung achieve more than 100 per cent according to the calculations.

HTC posted a quarterly loss, Microsoft wrote off 80 percent of the value of its Smartphone business acquired from Nokia in the past year and announced mass layoffs in the area for the second time.

Apple’s profit share is amazing, because the U.S. company sold only 20 percent of all smartphones. The group is in a position to be able to take much higher prices for its products than the competition.

A spokesman of the Chinese company of Huawei Technologies said the Wall Street Journal, the consumer business division was profitable.