Amazon is back to bid Apple products despite being competition and after both companies trimmed rough edges this year.

Amazon and Apple are already friends again.

This week, Amazon restarted Apple’s iPhone 4K Apple TV, after the streaming box came out of the retailer’s catalog as a direct product competition Amazon produces and markets.

The Apple box, priced at $ 199 for the 64GB version, is not available on Amazon and says it is a product that has no availability, but at least is already offered. The 32GB version is available but is not sold by Apple but by a third party.

Amazon withdrew from its catalog both Apple’s and Google’s streaming products since late 2015 for representing competition to Amazon’s Fire products. Amazon, Apple and Google’s streaming products offer access to services like Netflix and YouTube, though each one is distinguished for different reasons.

The problems between both companies have been dissipating as time passes. Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming video service, will soon have an app for the Apple TV (though with limitations). In addition, the arrival of 4K to Apple TV has caused Amazon to lower its prices to its content in that format.

While Apple TV is an excellent choice for people who prefer Apple products, perhaps paying $ 199 is not the logical thing for someone who just wants to consume content. For those people unaware of the waste, the Fire Stick costs only US $ 39.