For a while now, certain companies, such as Facebook and BMW, have been testing out the different apps on the new Apple Watch. These tests have been occurring in a tightly controlled environment with no access to internet, and with not even a pen and paper allowed in the room, minimising the potential number of leaks that could be a disadvantage to the product launch. Apple plans to officially launch their watch on Monday, although many of its features have already been made public, with the excitement of Apple fans growing steadily as the launch date approaches.

The battery for the watch, of which there has been much speculation, will last for up to a day, meaning that users will need to charge it every night. In order to preserve its battery life so that it does not run out in the middle of the day, the face of the watch will only light up and display information when the wrist moves or when the screen is interacted with.

One of the best features of the watch is the amount of emphasis it places on health and fitness. Not only can it monitor a user’s heart rate, but it will also remind the user to stand up and move around every hour, as sitting down for longer than this is detrimental to one’s health. If a user exercises enough, the watch will give them credits.

There will also be a luxury version of the watch available, which will be made from 18 carat gold. This watch will be kept in special safes in Apple stores which are being installed just for the watch, to reduce the temptation to thieves.