The ten bodies recovered after the crash of two helicopters engaged in a TV shoot in Argentina on Tuesday included the dead bodies of the three best-known athletes of France. The two helicopters were filming the survival series “Dropped” when these rammed into each other over the rugged mountains in the province of La Rioja, as per the local officials.

The bodies were badly trapped in the mangled wreckages of the two helicopters, and emergency workers had tough time extracting them. The extracted bodies burnt beyond recognition were being carried to the provincial capital around 300 kilometers away from the accident site. As per Luis Cesar Angulo, the provincial security secretary, it was a fiery crash of the two helicopters, and the victims were charged to death on the spot. He added that it would take around 3 to 4 hours to the bodies to reach the provincial capital, and after that efforts would be made to identify them. There had not been a single survivor of the crash which occurred on Monday evening in good weather conditions.

Argentine Helicopters’ Crash Claims Lives of Three French Sports StarThe incident sent shock waves in France, where the electronic media exhibited the two helicopters flying perilously close to each other, and the clipping of their rotors before dashing against the ground. Manuel Valls, the Prime Minister, told that the entire nation was in mourning, and termed the incident as the worst in the history of realty television. As per a police source, besides the three renowned sports stars, five members of the French TV crew, and two pilots from Argentina had died in the crash.

The three sports star of France included Arthaud, 57, one of the best sailors of the world; Muffat, 25, one of the best swimmers France had ever produced, and Vastine, 28, the winner of the bronze medal at Beijing Games 2008, in welterweight category.