Aston Villa supporters caused havoc at the match against West Brom for the FA Cup quarter-finals, after invading the pitch twice in the space of five minutes. The match resulted in a tie after the first ninety minutes, resulting in stoppage time being played. Once Aston Villa scored two goals during the stoppage time, home fans started making their way onto the pitch.

The referee, Anthony Taylor, had to pause the game whilst the invasion was dealt with. Other fans who chose to remain in the stands rather than invade the pitch were booing in the stands, wanting the match to continue. After a short delay, the match resumed, but as soon as the final whistle was blown, another invasion occurred as thousands of supporters once again ran onto the pitch. This time, the incident escalated, and seats from the West Brom side of the stands were being thrown down onto the pitch.

Aston Villa Fans Invade Pitch, Causing Chaos

Fabian Delph, Aston Villa’s captain, found himself swarmed by fans as soon as the final whistle had been blown. Although he could understand their relief at the club’s victory, he described the situation as being dangerous. Not only was his armband and left boot stolen, but fans were also trying to kiss the player, and he also got bitten.

Aston Villa issued a statement after the incident, apologising to their fans who chose to be wise and not get involved, as well as to West Brom. The FA, as well as the police, are currently investigating the incident, but many predict that Aston Villa are going to face huge fines, as that sort of behaviour is simply unacceptable, and could have resulted in some severe injuries, if not death.