The Ataribox console, the first to be manufactured by the iconic Atari company after a 24-year absence, will go on sale in the spring of 2018 for $ 250-300, a company official told VentureBeat.

Unlike the “retro” consoles, which have gained popularity with the releases of the NES and SNES Classic Edition, Ataribox will be a console with modern specifications and an open ecosystem, explained Feargal Mac, manager of Ataribox.

Ataribox will cost the same as a PlayStation 4

And is that, more than a console, it seems that Ataribox will function as a central entertainment where you can even play games from other platforms that have been previously purchased by the player. “We wanted to design an amazing product where people can play, stream movies and videos and even browse the network with the greatest freedom possible, they can even access games previously purchased from other platforms,” ??he said.

On its technical features, said that will integrate a custom designed AMD processor and Radeon graphics card. The console will have a Linux-based operating system.

Mac also said that the console will have a financing campaign through the Indiegogo funding platform. The campaign will start this fall.