The European Broadcasting Union has announced an exciting news about Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Australia has been invented to join the show, which will take place on May 23. The gala celebrates its 60th anniversary this year and, in this connection, the organizers decided to let Australia in. Until now, there were European countries only.

Every year the concert is translated throughout the world. Australia has been one of the biggest Eurovision fans so far and now it has a right to become a full member of the competition. We could see Australian performers on the Eurovision scene before, as it took part in the semi-final of the contest not as a participant but just a guest. Yet the performance galvanized the show with surfboards, giant koala and kangaroo costumes and the strangest but hilarious thing were giant pints of beer. After that, we have no doubts Australia will fire the party up and there is not long to wait. Michael Ebeid, managing director of Australian public-service broadcaster SBS, commented the wildcard as a “historic opportunity for Australia to be represented on the world’s biggest stage”.

This year the Eurovision host will be Austria. Its singer, Conchita Wurst, created a stir at the last year’s contest with her (or his?) extravagant performance. Wearing a beautiful dress, make-up and no less beautiful beard, Conchita won the first place with the song “Rise Like a Phoenix”. So we can see the extravaganza becomes more interesting and even nuttier every year and, beyond doubts, the forthcoming show will bring much more surprises to its spectators.