The new R8 is lighter, stronger, faster, and more manageable than its predecessor. So, with the ten-cylinder racer, Audi pushes the boundaries in sports car design. The drama remains on track.

First impressions: A bit wider, flatter, sharper contours and the so-called blades on the flanks are now divided into two parts. That’s all, what is the new Audi R8 different from its predecessor.

Says the manufacturer: Insert into the Audi R8 winner gene, because the development of the first sports car from Audi was instigated after Bayern three times won the Le Mans 24-hour race in the years 2000 to 2002 in a row. Heinz Hollerweger, the new Chief of Quattro GmbH, where the series racer is built since 2007, gives a lecture at first a short record of the first generation of R8: “27,000 sold cars and race versions more than 200 victories and 26 Championship.”Audi R8 V10 Plus 1

Now it should be still great, because according to Hanzooma the differences to the customer racing cars are even lower at the new car. Both vehicles “were developed the first parallel. Especially the production car has benefited, so it now still more feels at home on the racetrack.”

That we noticed: It just looks like in a racing car in the new R8. Comfortable, electrically adjustable seats and where you look nothing but including aluminium, shiny black piano lacquer or fine leather. The “virtual cockpit” is located directly in the driver’s field of vision, as seen already in the new models of TT and Q7 . On the one hand, Audi brings together all information, which the other cockpit looks even sleeker and tidier; on the other hand you feel – depending on programming – more like before the PlayStation as in a super sports car.

Audi R8 V10 Plus 2

However, if you press the red button on the steering wheel, you notice immediately that this is not a game. Right in the neck, the ten-cylinder lights Fireworks, then that can be transformed into downright explosive excavation. And he in turn can savor in a new, immersive and almost even scary meticulous way. The reason: Apparent trifles like the one centimeter lower seat position or the newly designed steering wheel with four operating satellites, that you must no longer let go after the Start button, revealed an extremely high density driving experience.

This is especially fast, tight curves. As the car steers, the line stops and accelerates on the exit of corners, it feels so of course, that there is a risk to overestimate themselves permanently. The all-wheel drive with a now completely free power distribution and the new steering system with a variable gear ratio convey a sense of the Unüberholbarkeit itself lay on the steering wheel. At the same time this matter of course is also a bit pointless the frenzy–the next step would be then autonomous race driving.

In this respect, it is a blessing that the R8 ruled also a gentler pace. Then the sound flap in the exhaust tract are closed and the suspension in “comfort” mode ensures pleasant point swing over the bumps. Long-haul comfort in a sports car? It is in this car is a bit out of place. Because the only long haul, you want to go in to a car, is a 24-hour race. For everything else, you can take also an A7 .

You need to know: Even if it doesn’t show the car – up on a couple of screws everything is new as compared to the previous model. The car by 50 kilograms was easier thanks to carbon elements in aluminum frame, this has been lowered the Centre of gravity and aerodynamics in favour of more downforce.

Audi R8 V10 Plus 3

The engine modifications were rather moderate. Because a turbocharger in the face of the revving and the sound spectrum of a suction motor was not an option, the 5.2 liter propellant from the predecessor basis has been adopted. Then began the fine work, as the integration of port injection. This technique increases the output now up to 610 HP and the torque curve only culminates at 560 nm. Because there’s also a cylinder shut-off in the new engine, the consumption is reduced depending on the engine version on 12.3 to 11.4 litres.

The first version, which comes in the autumn on the market, is the V10 plus with 610 HP at the price of 187.400 euro and the V10 with a 540 HP for 165,000 euros. External differentiators? The V10 plus has a powerful, fixed rear spoiler made of carbon, the V10 is equipped with a retractable rear wing. Allegedly the range V8 model is completed, which the price should be well less than 150,000 euros. Also, there should be an electric R8 E-Tron now yet again and also back an open R8 Sypder.

Audi R8 V10 Plus 4

We will not forget this: So excited the R8 also burns according to the first exit, and so very Shimmers the air above the glass cover at the rear, so cool and calculating the sports car as a whole works. This is a precision tool, whose minimum tolerances allow no place for great sports car drama. This know also, Quattro-chef Hollerweger and recommends customers who are looking for such, a view of the Alps – to the Audi sister brand Lamborghini.