class=” wp-image-2086 alignleft” src=”” alt=”Bangladesh Factory Collapse Takes Seven Victims, Rescuing Continues” width=”484″ height=”255″ />After the factory building collapsed on Thursday and took at least seven lives, rescue teams continue to work on getting out the remaining survivors. While initially estimated at 100, it is now believed that less people were in the factory during its collapse.

The rescue teams received help from soldiers and sailors of the Bangladeshi port town Mongla, and helped save 50 survivors, and two more bodies on Friday. According to official information, there were about thirty injuries.

The senior district official, Mohammad Shah Alam Sardar assured the public that the search will not stop until the last person has been pulled out, but that the number of trapped individuals is much lower than initially believed. On Friday, Sardar estimated that the rescue is almost finished.

About 335 km from the country’s capital, this factory was still under construction when the collapse occurred. According to one of the survivors, the collapse began from the roof-area, and the cause is still being investigated. The factory is owned by a subsidiary of the country’s military forces.

Known for its low standards in construction, Bangladesh has a very bad reputation when it comes to building safety. The collapse of the Rana Plaza complex in 2013, which took more than 1,130 lives of garment workers, is believed to be one of the most severe industrial accidents and caused an international scandal. Ever since, there has been increased pressure for the improvement of construction standards and safety in one of the most important global garment-producing economies.