On Tuesday, President Barack Obama mentioned to the Los Angeles Times that it would be on argument basis that the US must contribute more to pledge extremism worldwide but for that something more required than what US army can do. He further mentioned, “We know that armed forces can’t solve this issue by itself. Nor it is possible to simply take out the terrorists out of the stream and kill them. We have to think of more – the enhancers, recruiters etc. those may not be involved in terrorism directly, but encouraged to do so. ” He further continued, “We know that we can protect especially younger groups not to fall into such extremism with the support of family and surroundings.”

A summit has been done in the White House on Tuesday along with the law induced officers and associated leaders to assist general people in protecting their loved ones from the terrorism concept. It also occurred at the time when people is not so much satisfied with how Obama is dealing with the battle against the Islamic State, which is about 57% according to CNN poll.
Obama has refused to describe it as a war against Islam. Rather he would like to mention it as a ‘battle for hearts and minds’. He has been criticized as very recently he has failed to explain the issue as radical Islam. On a note he added, “Our promotion of protecting people throughout the world from being concentrated on violence is actually a battle of hearts and minds. With current week’s summit, we will discuss it again – it is our societies and communities that aids people towards true path of knowledge, respect and self-respect.”