David Ortiz, 39, during his first media session of spring training addressed several issues like, defensive shifting and controversial new pace-of-play rules.

Batters could be fined up to $500 from 1st may for not observing the rule.

Manfred Rob also supported the issue of defensive shifting.

Two of Ortiz bosses were involved in pushing of the rules, Ortiz harshly criticized the rules claiming that when people come out of the box they do it when the mind is speeding up. And forcing the hitters to keep one foot in the batter box then you are out, the game can never speed up no matter what they do, claims Ortiz.

The other issue that arose was the deteriorating relations between Ortiz and Rodriguez who was trying to sue everyone in January 2014.

Ortiz is still vigilant to finish his carrier has a champion and he could be one of the pure DH to be elected to the hall of fame if he hits the mark of the 500homers.

Baseball new speed-up rules harshly criticised by David Ortiz