In a recent report of Wednesday, it has been published that almost 150 people has been killed in a battle between Syrian army and Al-Qaeda links in a Syrian city named Aleppo. A minimum of 70 from governmental army and almost 80 from other side has been killed in this attack. The Syrian army has taken areas like northern part of Aleppo. Their target was to cut off lines of their enemies. Aleppo has been proven for continuous clashes between governmental armies along with Islamic activist. In the meantime, on Tuesday, reports has been published that Syrian armed forces has took over several villages near Aleppo with a plan in mind of enclosing the northern area and cutting off Al-Qaeda lines. The army has snatched almost six villages near Aleppo.
The attack and moving forward decision in Aleppo is the second time for Syrian army within a week. Earlier the army has attempted to take over the southern side of Syria from the rebellious group. The Syrian observatory association for Human Rights claimed that due to this heavy battle one of the roads linked with Turkish border has been blocked, for that reason supply has been hampered a lot.

The army also took over the villages named Bashkuwi and Sifat, at least 18 from the rebellious group has been killed in that attack. Rami Abdulrahman mentioned, “if they continue their success like this then very soon they will be capable of cutting off all the supply lines in near future. The Syrian army is moving forward from every direction.”