BBC Campaigns to Encourage Students to Start CodingThe BBC is working on a new campaign where they are encouraging students to learn coding. They have announced a new microcomputer, similar to the Raspberry Pi, which will be used as part of the campaign. The BBC’s Make it Digital campaign will give these devices out to secondary schools across the country. The BBC is hoping that they will have enough of the devices for every student in Year 7 to be able to use one and benefit from it.

The Micro Bit will help students to learn about coding, putting it on their curriculum alongside the more standard subjects, such as mathematics and science. This nationwide initiative will hopefully not only enhance coding skills, but will also encourage creativity, an element which is needed when it comes to coding. The new coding modules on the curriculum will also hopefully help young coders prepare for the world and the job market. Although the current curriculum is constantly changing to adapt with the times, it does not yet contain coding, something which there is an increasing need for in the job market. It has been found that 68% of Brits now believe that learning how to use computers well is much more important than some of the more conventional school subjects.

The BBC first started introducing computers to schools in the 80s, when it launched the BBC Micro, which became the first experience that most students at this time had ever had of computers. The BBC is committed to encouraging the development of schools and their curriculums.