BBC Suspends Jeremy Clarkson for Punching ProducerJeremy Clarkson, the 54 year old presenter of Top Gear, has been suspended by the BBC for punching a producer. Clarkson, along with his co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May, were filming in Newcastle that day for an episode featuring classic cars, such as the Fiat 124 Spider and the MGB GT, as well as an appearance from Gary Linekar. A source revealed that after a long day of filming, Clarkson discovered that there was no food laid out for the presenters, after which he saw red and blamed the producer before hitting him. The producer, Oisin Tymon aged 36, has worked for Top Gear for ten years.

The BBC has confirmed Clarkson’s suspension, as well as deciding not to air the episode this Sunday. There are two other episodes left in this series, but the BBC has decided to also postpone the airing of these indefinitely. An online petition to reinstate Clarkson has been making its way around the internet, with over 200,000 signatures so far.

Clarkson has not yet issued an apology, and instead seems to be making light of the situation, tweeting a mock apology to Ed Miliband instead. He also made jokes on Twitter about the different shows that the BBC might use to replace Top Gear this Sunday, and Clarkson’s daughter, Em Clarkson, also tweeted humorously about the incident.

Clarkson has been involved in many controversial incidents throughout the years, and received a final warning in 2014 after it was said that he mumbled a racist word whilst reciting a nursery rhyme during filming for an episode of Top Gear.

Top Gear is one of the BBC’s most valuable shows, bringing in millions of pounds, and its newest series has been simultaneously broadcast in over 50 different countries.