The Samsung Galaxy S6Introducing the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones, the Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 edge. Next is Now.

Samsung Galaxy S6 – Forget the sadly disappointing Galaxy S5, and set your sights on the new and improved Samsung Galaxy S6! Available across the globe April 10th, this years Galaxy model comes complete with a sleeker rounded look, increased resolution, and an aesthetically clean screen. Samsung really went out of their way to produce this handy, high quality gadget.

The design of this trendy new mobile features more curve on the back side, allowing the camera to protrude from the device just slightly. The S6 comes fully encased, from front to rear, in a glass outer cover, and  is available in four colors accented by silver trimmed edges. Although the cover-all glass case does give the phone a highly sophisticated look, it has been said to be prone to smudging. With that argument  taken into account, the absolute lightness and comfortable fit of the phone in your hand or pocket defeats any negative comments posed against it’s design.

The Samsung S6 uses the most updated version of “TouchWiz” software, increasing fuctionality and responsiveness. However, some user feedback has stated that despite the upgraded programming, the phone still plays out similar to the older models. Samsung Galaxy S6 to let you hide preinstalled apps

The absolute beauty of the screen on the new S6, however, is the absence of the loads of unusable Samsung features sprawling across the screen! Unlike the cluttered S5, the apps and features installed on the S6 can be activated at the settings screen- an excellent upgrade in screen features and user convenience. The screen of the S6 also features LED technology, promoting optimum battery life and brightness. The phone’s size has remained at 5.1 inches, but the resolution for this year’s Samsung model has been upgraded to an impressive 577 pixels-per-inch, making it number one in the market for screen resolution. The improved picture quality on the S6 makes for an insanely crystal clear picture and offers bold, engaging colors.

This years Samsung model features the fingerprint scanner, the most trendy and consciously used security component on the device. This new feature definitely competes with Apple’s fingerprint scanner by offering unmatched accuracy and ease of use. To really be impressed, however, take a glimpse at the camera. This user friendly automatic camera can be accessed when the phone is “locked” by simply tapping the screen. The camera does come fully automatic, however also offers users the option to manually toggle throughout different settings and camera functions in order to customize their images according to their adventure. The S6 camera has been applauded for it’s shutter speed and clear images, making it a serious competitor against the new Iphone 6. 5 Reasons To Buy The Samsung Galaxy S6

Overall, the stunning Samsung Galaxy S6 has jumped to the head of the market in no time, and will give the Galaxy Note 4 a serious run for it’s money. Highly competitive in areas of media, ease of use, camera quality, and an incredibly vibrant screen as a result of increased resolution, it’s safe to say the new S6 is easily one of the best phones available on the market. Samsung Galaxy S6 (and GS6 edge) vs. iPhone 6 Plus

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