Pete Hines talked about expectations about The Elder Scrolls VI

Bethesda has been in the players’ mouths for the last few weeks. Not only because of the controversy behind the Creation Club and its payment content, but also because of the arrival of more of its titles to Switch and the incursion of some of its franchises to virtual reality. Pete Hines, the company’s vice president, recently spoke of the direction Bethesda has taken in recent years and of its large following.

Hines said during a meeting with GamesRadar that he is aware of the criticism they receive from the players. The manager said that they take them into account, but that they will not decide the direction of the company or its projects.

Bethesda Fan Complaints Will not Determine What We Do

“We’re aware of that, but we’re not going to let them define what we do. Ultimately, we’re going to try to do the things we think are the best games we’re doing, because that’s, honestly, all that I can really control, “said the manager referring to the expectations and comments of the players.

As an example, Hines put the case of The Elder Scrolls VI. He knows that many players would prefer to see this title than any other project announced so far. Faced with this, Hines stated that Bethesda’s development teams “are not just a vending machine where they press a button to get a soda, they want to be able to be creative, try a new idea, do something different and not just fall into the same pattern, “Hines said.

To clarify his comment, the manager named Guerrilla Games and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Of course with Hines, if this study had not risked looking for something new, they would never have developed their world title. Also, the Bethesda member referred to the case of Naughty Dog and The Last of Us.

At the insistence of fans, Bethesda has stated that The Elder Scrolls VI is not under development at the moment and will not feature any surprise games this year. On this page you will find more information about the company, such as a special Skyrim cover made by the launch of the SNES Classic Edition.

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