Many times I mentioned earlier, and it has cost me several criticisms from the community: Sony has taken a long time to evolve at the design level. For several generations it has maintained the same aesthetic lines with only slight changes. However, that is about to change.

In an interview with the Indian Express site, Kenichiro Hibi, CEO of Sony India, mentions that the company is working on a flagship with an entirely new design language. Of course, he does not reveal more details about this, but his statement is enough to start speculating.

big change in the design of the Sony flagships

The definitive jump to borderless design?

For months, the Xperia X Ultra, a terminal that would be the triumphal entry of the Japanese company to the trend of big screens, has been rumored. However, although much was said about its possible presentation at IFA, it was not so.

However, with Hibi’s important statement, it is now certain that Sony’s next banner will bid farewell to the Omnibalance design. Of course, we will have to wait until 2018 as the executive has made it very clear that this great change will come in the next generation of devices, that is until next year.

A necessary but late change

Let’s risk speculating a little. The 2018 begins, as every year, with the CES of Las Vegas, but it is unlikely that we will see this new flagship all over the screen, surely it will be in the MWC of Barcelona where the company will take advantage of the reflectors of the world mobile scene to make its great advertisement.

Finally, even though it is a necessary change in the DNA of the Sony mobiles to survive in the current competitive market, will it arrive in time to get on this train? That is, it would be arriving about a year later as it was the LG G6 in the MWC 2017 who would have popularly inaugurated this design.

We’ll see how Sony is doing. Exactly 5 months separate us from this great fair, what anguish it expects.