Joseph Dunford, the future head of the Joint Chiefs, has forcefully warned of military threat from Moscow. Wladimir Putin’s Government is more dangerous than the IS.

Russia and China are a greater threat to the United States as the terrorist militia ‘Islamic State’ (IS) according to the designated U.S. chiefs of staff. “Russia represents the greatest threat to our national security,” Joseph Dunford said Thursday at a hearing in Congress. Nuclear power could violate the sovereignty of U.S. ally and as an “existential threat to the United States”, so Dunford: Moscow’s behavior was “nothing less than alarming”.

Second China follow because of its military capabilities and its presence in the Pacific – where there is also a conflict of interest with the United States. Hot but not, “that we look at China as an enemy”, so Dunford. The largest threat is North Korea, because its rockets could meet even the American mainland.
Warning of “Lack of determination”

The Marine Corps General, who is to be succeeded by Chief of staff Martin Dempsey in the autumn, also advocated the delivery of arms to the Ukraine. It was reasonable to equip the country with anti-tank missiles. “Without this kind of support they will not be able, to defend itself against Russian aggression”, said the 59-year-old. In the Eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin is involved for more than a year in a bloody conflict .

On Thursday, the civilian leader had become the U.S. air force already similarly expressed: “I consider Russia as the biggest threat to the national security of the United States,” said Deborah Lee James. Most recently published plans by Russian President Wladimir Putin, to upgrade its nuclear deterrent force with 40 missiles, described James as “troubling”.

“Now is not the time to show a lack of commitment against this Russian activities in any form”, as James. Therefore, the U.S. air force will further strengthen its presence in Europe. James expressed disappointment that so far only four of the 28 NATO countries spend the agreed two percent of their gross domestic product for Defense: “we have agreed as a NATO Member States. Now we must make all of us for it strongly.”