A clever plot created by two brothers from Birmingham, to smuggle painkillers and anabolic steroids into Featherstone Prison, Staffordshire, was foiled by police officers. Nahim Ali, 34, who was serving time in the prison, contacted his brother, Tahir, 40, to ask for help smuggling in the drugs, which he intended to sell to other inmates. They came up with a plan for Tahir to pack empty Ribena cartons with the drugs before throwing them over the wall of the prison for Nahim to collect.

Unbeknownst to them, the police were listening in on the phone call and heard every detail of their plan. The officers watched on CCTV as Tahir drove up to the prison in a van, and threw something over the prison wall. When the officers searched the area, they found three Ribena cartons that were filled with 750 pills, as well as liquid testosterone and other steroids, one of which is a painkiller that is often used as a substitute for heroin.

The police officers waited until Tahir returned with more drugs. They intercepted the cartons and replaced them with fakes, waiting for Nahim to pick them up, which he of course did as soon as possible. A few days later, Tahir was due to be released from prison, but unfortunately for him, the police arrived to arrest him for conspiracy to supply drugs, which both brothers later admitted to.

The incident is being blamed on the fact that the jail is understaffed, which could have continuing impacts on the amount of contraband being smuggled in.