The version 12.2 now supports Samsung KNOX, Android for work, secure connect plus and the Apple device enrollment program. Meanwhile, solidify rumors that BlackBerry itself wants to offer Android based devices.

BlackBerry BES12 controls devices with BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10 Android, iOS and Windows phone. In the latest version , BES12 now supports Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), with the iPhones and iPads effective distribute let. But above all, BlackBerry massively expanding the Android support.

What’s new for Android

Closed workspaces to be Samsung KNOX Workspace on Android phones, to separate the corporate data from private data and apps. Similar to BlackBerry 10 KNOX devices can also operate that only this is secured workspace available to the employee. COBO (corporate owned, business only) means this use case, in contrast to COPE (corporate owned, personally enabled) and BYOD (bring your own device), where smartphones can be used both privately and commercially. KNOX is also standardized MDM profiles, which were already supported in previous versions of BES12 at Samsung.

Samsung had brought parts of KNOX in the latest version of Android, which now operate under Android for Work . Here, separate profiles are applied for the private and business sectors in this way also to split the data and apps. BES12 now supports this mode.

We had already let BlackBerry 10 via the BlackBerry infrastructure ensure the corporate network connect now KNOX workspace and Android for work, without to entertain separate VPN connections for this. The BES12-server of the user companies, forms the endpoint in each case which is an outbound connection to BlackBerry operates without any incoming ports must be connected on the enterprise firewall.

BlackBerry has recently announced the BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) 12, a single console that can manage Android, iOS, BB 10 and the old BB OS as well as Windows.
BlackBerry is rolling out a number of updates for its mobile device management platform, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12 (BES12).

At the core of BES12 version 12.2 are olive branches of sorts to two other major enterprise mobility management services: Android for Work and Samsung Knox.

With Knox, IT managers can use BES12 to deploy Samsung Galaxy devices in work and personal modes as well as Workspace-only mode. For Android, BES12 users access any Android app available on Google Play permitted by a given organization’s IT policies.