Bob Dylan, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, does not come to Stockholm for the award ceremony in December. The American rock singer had canceled a letter on Tuesday, the Swedish Academy said on Wednesday: “He wished he could receive the prize in person, but other obligations make it impossible. He emphasized that he was very honored by the Nobel Prize. ”

Respect the decision. “That a Nobel laureate

Can not travel to Stockholm to receive the award is unusual, but not exceptional, “the jury said. In December, Dylan said he had “other obligations”.

He can not be reached

The fact that his schedule could be so full was obvious when Dylan could not be reached in order to receive the award of the prize, worth eight million Swedish crowns (more than 800,000 euros). His reaction, which had been absent for weeks, had caused disgust at the price committee.

Bob Dylan has something else to do

Two weeks ago, Dylan seemed to have other plans. He would come to Stockholm on 10 December, he told the British newspaper “The Telegraph”, which published the report online. “Absolutely, if it is possible,” the seventy-five-year-old musician was quoted.

Bob Dylan had received this year’s award in October as the first songwriter for his poetic re-creations in the American Songtradition. He is the first artist to be awarded for lyrics.

But a lecture must be

The prize remained Dylan, despite his absence at the ceremony, in just three weeks – on Alfred Nobel’s death day – awarded, the academy. But there is one condition: “We are looking forward to Bob Dylan’s Nobel lecture, which he will have to hold within six months from 10 December 2016, which is the only requirement.”

Traditionally, the Nobel laureates hold such a Nobel speech in the week before the award ceremony. How Dylan is to receive Nobel Prize medals and documents is still unclear.