Becky Watts, 16, was first reported missing on the 20th of February, after she left home with her phone, laptop and tablet and did not tell any family or friends where she was going. The young girl did not take any extra clothes with her, leading police to believe that she was not intending on being gone for long. Avon and Somerset police ran six different search teams in the area to try to track Watts down.

Police have found body parts that are likely to belong to Watts at a house in Bristol, after some information that led them to believe that her body had been cut up and stored at another location. Although officers have not yet formally identified the parts as belonging to Watts, evidence points that this is the case, and they have informed her family, who are understandably devastated and heartbroken by the news.

Body Parts Belonging to Becky Watts Found in BristolPolice currently have seven suspects in custody, with the latest five arrests of four men and one woman, being made after the body parts were discovered. The suspects can be detained for 36 more hours without a charge, giving police officers a tight deadline in which they will need to find more evidence. Police are continuing to search a number of houses in the area, as well as the woodlands and lake nearby. Police officers from nearby counties, including Cornwall, Devon and Wiltshire, have also joined in the search, and police dogs from South Wales are also helping to track down the body.