Winter weather is set to strike Britain with a vengeance, as the country issues 80 flood warnings and prepares for some possibly devastating weather. The West coast, Somerset in particular, is expecting huge super tides that are predicted to reach 50 feet in height, whilst the North is expecting snowstorms and more wintry weather.
London, Britain’s highly populated capital, experienced flooding over the weekend, when the powerful surges of waves burst the banks of the Thames. In Cornwall on Saturday afternoon, two girls were trapped on Towan beach because of super tides, and had to be rescued and brought to safety. The north of country, including many parts of Scotland, have also been experiencing severe snow and hail, with 60mph gusts of wind whipping up the snow and turning it into a snowstorm.

These super tides, also known as spring tides or super moon tides, are caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon. When the forces coming from the sun and the moon are combined, this creates huge waves.

Many weather warnings are in place around the country and the public has been advised to only travel when necessary and to take as many safety precautions as possible. This weather has killed one person so far, when a man in his 30s got swept into the sea at Scarborough whilst he was out walking his dog. Coastal towns and villages across the country need to be especially cautious, and prepare to evacuate their homes if the destructive weather continues.