A female army medic, who has been working in Sierra Leone, has been diagnosed with a confirmed case of ebola. A specially equipped RAF C-17 took off from Sierra Leone at 7am on Thursday, to fly the medic, as well as two fellow workers whom she had been working closely with, back to the UK for treatment. They are expected to arrive at RAF Northolt today, where they will then be taken to London’s Royal Free Hospital. This hospital is where previous ebola patients have been taken and kept in isolation whilst receiving treatment.

The unnamed woman is the third British health care worker so far to contract the deadly virus. The ebola virus has been ravaging parts of Africa, and has killed over 9800 people in just the last year alone. There have been up to 700 British military staff working in West Africa to help fight the virus.

British Medic Catches EbolaThere are another two military health care workers who also came into contact with the female medic, but they have been kept under assessment in Sierra Leone, and they will be watched for any symptoms before the decision is made on whether or not to fly them back to the UK. No British nationals have yet died from the disease, which has had more than 24,000 confirmed cases across some of the countries that have been most affected, including Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

However, the virus has finally started to show signs of slowing down, and one of the treatment centres in Liberia released its last ebola patient last week.