Cheaters have gained access to a British mobile phone system, Three. They were able to access data from 134,000 customers. At least eight times the perpetrators ordered mobile phones to intercept them by mail.

British fraudsters have ordered expensive mobile phones in the name of mobile customer Three. The perpetrators then intercepted the mobile phones before they arrived at the ignorant customers. On Wednesday, three suspects were arrested in England. According to Threes, the criminals have used access data to the system through which dealers order new devices for three-tier customers.

British Provider Three Customer database abused as a lever for mobile phone theft

To date, eight cases have been confirmed. Three investigated whether there were any more deceptive orders. The number of affected persons is almost 134,000. Because the perpetrators had access to names, customer numbers, and technical data from over 107,000 customers. In another 27,000, address, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, telephone number, family status and employment status were added.

That would be a food for identity thieves. Three believes however that the fraudsters did not go to data, but only about mobile phones. Compared to heise online, the company stressed that the compromised dealer system does not provide financial data such as account or credit card numbers, nor customer passwords and PINs. The mobile phone mourns a general surge in mobile phone shrinkage over the past four weeks. In the case of burglaries in shops, 400 mobile phones had been stolen.