The Greek Government has sent new proposals for a reform programme to Brussels. Among other things, Athens plans tax increases. Premier Tsipras wants to get the backing of the Parliament still seem to be ahead of the EU Summit on Sunday.

Greece has presented his reform proposals just before a deadline. The new austerity program was sent according to a report of the Greek State television on Thursday evening to Brussels. The proposals were sent Jeroen Dijsselbloem against 21:30 by E-Mail to the euro group heads. His spokesman Michel Reijns confirmed the receipt via Twitter.

The austerity program is a prerequisite for a third aid package, which has requested the Government of Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday when the ESM euro rescue package.
Proposals from Athens must now first be evaluated by experts of the European Commission, European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). On Saturday the euro Finance Ministers could then give the green light at a meeting in Brussels. Only when they consider the program for support, an extraordinary Summit of all 28 EU States could in turn advise on Sunday on the granting of additional aid to the crisis country.

The austerity program is reportedly 10 to 12 billion euros. The Greek online portal reports, see the proposal from Athens following issues:

The VAT for hotels is expected to increase by 6.5 to 13 percent. The creditors had demanded an increase to 23 percent.
The reduced VAT rate for the Greek Islands to be – lifted only gradually until the end of 2016. On the Islands (except Crete), the VAT rates are still 30 percent below those in the rest of the country.
A luxury tax will be introduced, inter alia on yachts and pools.
The tax privileges for shipping companies should be abolished.
The fight against tax evasion and smuggling should be stepped up.
The possibility of early retirement should be abolished completely. For this, the solidarity allowance of EKAS is preserved for low pensions by 2020.
The primary surplus so the budget surplus excluding interest payments – 2015 to 1 per cent and 2 per cent in the coming year.
In return, Greece apparently asks a debt restructuring by the ESM without the involvement of the IMF. The speech is of lower interest rates and longer maturities.
First, there is not an official confirmation for these points.

Parliament is to vote before the Summit on saving

The Greek Government wants to consult already ahead of the EU Summit on Sunday about the new savings plans the Parliament. Greek television channel and news portals reported unanimously on Thursday.

The vote could take place according to the reports already on Friday. Thus Tsipras creditors want to apparently a guarantee, that the country will adhere to the new austerity measures. “With this step to display, that the Government has the political will to implement the reforms, but unilateral action prior to the arrival of the euro group to do”, said a source from Government circles of the Reuters news agency.
With a first vote by the Parliament should empower the Greek Finance Minister first Euklidis Tsakalotos , to be able to negotiate the proposed reforms with international donors. The final approval of the austerity program should take place at a later date, they said.

The creditors had repeatedly stressed that there would be no further funds without further action in Greece . Without the consent of the creditor, can no longer count on Greece with financial aid, and could be forced to leave the eurozone .